Balance Belgian Chocolate

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Join us in a world where delicious enjoyment and a healthy, happy lifestyle unite.

We create and produce delicious Belgian chocolate without added sugar that fit in a healthy lifestyle.

Sugar reduced

Chocolate without added sugar

Since 1995 we are the Belgian specialist in creating reduced sugar chocolates in our own chocolate factory.

We are matching the most natural ingredients to a chocolate that is low in calories but still has this excellent taste.

Vegan - Lactose free

Vegan / Plant-based chocolate

The plant-based Balance range is completely free of animal products and yet at the same time, so similar to ‘traditional’ chocolate.

Instead of using powdered milk from animals, we use rice drink powder (also known as ‘rice milk’).

Our innovative recipes enable us to offset the sweet taste of the rice milk, and as a result, even non-vegans find it hard to notice a difference in the chocolate.