Klingele Chocolade

Koen Klingele took his first steps in the chocolate world in 1995. He wanted to realise his ultimate dream: create delicious chocolate and take care of your health.

With ambition, passion and a great deal of creativity, the Balance range has been built up since then, which strikes a balance between tasty flavours and a healthy lifestyle.

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You don’t just get delicious chocolate; you also get more fibres, more flavour, extra cocoa and a healthy alternative in accordance with your wishes.

As a specialist in healthy chocolate, we show you that it is not the sugar that provides the delicious taste.
The key is namely to be found in our fine ingredients and love for chocolate.Because welovechocolate!

Did you know that we have been looking for new flavours and combinations every day for more than 20 years now?

For example, Balance has become a brand to be proud of and our chocolates are enjoyed worldwide in over 40 different countries. We have already come a long way, but the future is smiling on us too.

And you’d better believe that we’re up for it!

Balance Belgian Chocolate
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